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Five useful lessons you can learn from Dyno-Rod and franchising

I was sad to read Jim Zockoll's obituary in The Times a few weeks ago. He was the founder of Dyno-Rod and died on January 25, 2024, at the age of 93. Jim was a highly successful entrepreneur, constantly looking for new business opportunities. From him and Dyno-Rod, I gained invaluable insights into franchising and business in general, as well as some inspiration and examples of what to avoid.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Mar '24 | Tags: inspiration Franchising entrepreneur

Social enterprise now and the future

Social Enterprises are part of the growing "social economy". The infographic below gives a snapshot of the state of the sector. You can get the full report Social Enterprise 2024 with more data and the priorities for the sector by emailing sarah@inspire2aspire.co.uk with Social Enterprise 2024 in the subject line. The report includes tips on how to capitalise on the trends identified.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 23 Feb '24 | Tags: social enterprise

Are you communicating effectively enough?

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in your personal and professional life. It's the foundation upon which everything else is built.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Jan '24 | Tags: communication stakeholders

The power we all have (and a seasonal story)

As this year ends and we think about the future, I want to celebrate our power to change the world. Last night, I was at a walking nativity

Posted by Sarah Brown on 21 Dec '23 | Tags: goals inspiration

Let's make sure we are part of the solution, not the problem

The UK economy is not growing, and UK tax income needs to rise enough to provide the money required to support everything we need, such as the NHS, social care, housing, education, and addressing inequality.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Nov '23 | Tags: values environment charity corporate culture

Being human not corporate - the road to success

Last week, I did something for the first time: I went to a planning committee meeting. I didn’t have high expectations. I thought I would be bored and it was unclear how long I would be there so the parking cost was £10.50! So why did I go, and why am I writing about it?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Oct '23 | Tags: csr ROC winning by being good

How can you thrive in adverse conditions?

Two of my favourite things came together in the past week: creative strategy and gardening.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Sept '23 | Tags: strategy theory of change business planning

Five lessons from my holidays

It's almost the beginning of the new school year. I'd like to have a new pencil case and be able to write an essay for my teacher about what I did over the summer, so this is my equivalent. I suggest you do the same, as this renews my zest for what I do and lets me revisit what I have enjoyed and learned.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Aug '23 | Tags: collaboration marketing inspiration

Be really clear about what you offer

How a clear Theory of Change is critical for success whatever type of organisation you are

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Aug '23 | Tags: values charity socent business corporate culture

What is ESG and five reasons it matters even if you are a charity

First, let me introduce you to ESG -if you want more detail, please email sarah@inspire2aspire.co.uk to get our ebook. ESG - the details and relevance to charities and social enterprises The term ESG was officially coined in 2004 with the publication of the UN Global Compact Initiative's "Who Cares Wins” report. But for me, I only heard the phrase when my next-door neighbour said it was her job to help companies calculate it for their cars!

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jul '23 | Tags: governance social impact charity

Are your organisation's values working?

Five easy questions to ask to establish if your company values are working

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Jun '23 | Tags: values staff engagement

Five reasons you need to read this

I was excited to share what I have learnt just back from holiday. Still, I am saving it for another blog to instead excite you about governance and why it is critical whether you are a business, a charity or even a prime minister. I never thought I would write that sentence, but I hope my five examples from the last fortnight convince you.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 Jun '23 | Tags: governance responsible organisation charter

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