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Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Feb '13

3 things young people want

Researching with young people last week their top 3 requests were somewhere safe and interesting to be to keep them off the streets, activities for them not shared with adults, and active and interesting stuff to do not just hanging around.

On Friday we were at a well established charity to find out what young people would like to be able to do. It was part of a session run to attract a wide range of teenagers as part of addressing gang culture and it included workshops ranging from self defence to t shirt printing and stalls providing information about everything from drugs to how to ride your scooter or motorbike more safely.

The stall that got the best response was the one with some goggles that mimicked the feeling of being drunk and seeing double. The young people loved trying to catch a ball or walk straight and watching their mates wearing them as well.

We had a mindmap to help prompt some ideas - if you'd like it then email me for a copy sarah@inspire2aspire.co.uk

We asked just three questions: What do you like about coming here? What would you improve? What would you like to do in the future?

The research identified their top 3 requests as somewhere safe with interesting things to do to keep them off the streets, activities for them not shared with adults, and active stuff to do not just hanging around.

One young lady had tried to go to a Zumba class at her local church but because she was over 12 the only one available was the adult class which she didn't want to go to. Looking at the mindmap some said anything from the sport and activity arm would be good.

What was clear was that they enjoyed actually doing things not just hanging around, but they didn't have unachievable wants.

It would be great to get feedback from others, what do the young people you work with want?