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Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Nov '21

4 tips fundamental for success

Lay the foundations for success by standing out from the crowd. Here are four tips that are fundamental to success.

1 Have a clear vision and share it

Create an inspirational vision so everyone knows where the business is going. To make it more powerful draw it and then put it on the wall to inspire you and everyone in the organisation.

2 Identify your niche

Don’t just follow the crowd or your competitors – what is going to make you stand out and get talked about and used?

3 Be trustworthy

Make sure everyone knows what you stand for – have clear values and rank them so everyone behaves in a consistent manner. Staff will be happy because they will know what will make them a hero and customers will love you because you offer consistency so that they can trust you.

You can use our unique tool to help you work out your goals and rank them. Contact us to find out more.

4 Know your numbers

It is critical to know your direct costs and overheads before setting prices or going for funding if you are a charity so you understand what margin you will make. As well as overall profit or surplus you need to know margins on each product or service and also to monitor cash flow, lack of cash has caused many organisations to fail particularly if you get a large order without payment in advance.

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