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Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Sept '10

Achieving your aspirations

Remembering why you are in business.

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.

Evan Esar

In business, it is easy to become so determined to achieve your goals that you forget what inspired you in the first place. Whilst money may seem a major factor, indeed it is important, is that the main reason that you decided to run your business? Were there not other elements that made you decide to take the leap into becoming self-employed?

Thinking back to when you first made the life-changing decision, what pushed you there? Were you inspired by a friend, a family member, maybe even your ex-boss? Were you working long hours, stressed out and in need of change?

Try to remember that feeling, the need to reach your aspirations. You had a need to become your own boss and to run your own business. Something pushed you to work for yourself. Maybe you were struggling financially during the recession and aspired to build a business to help you out of the situation. Somehow, something made you do it.

At inspire2aspire we believe that the way to achieve your aspirations is to remember what inspired you in the first place. We work with you to find out what it was, what it meant to you and how to put a strategy in place to achieve it. With years of experience in business coaching, strategy, marketing and working with SMEs; we believe that we can change your business…and your life.

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