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Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Oct '18

Are you a male or female peacock in your marketing?

Do you stand out and display who you really are in your marketing or blend into the background?

I always think that it is interesting that in nature it is often the male of the species that makes more of an impact and is more colourful.

The display of the peacock is very dramatic while the peahen is much more drab.

If you want to be a peacock and stand out you need to have as much impact.

It starts with your name, does it have impact, a story or a logo that makes it special?

Do you have a niche? Peacocks don't try to attract every type of bird, they know who they want.

To their target market, the peahen, they have a clear offering and aim to show they can fulfil all their needs. Evolution has ensured that only those who both display and perform continue through the generations, promotion is not enough.

Does your marketing oversell what you offer or reflect the reality of how you change the world for your customer?

Can you prove how you have helped people in the way you claim?

In the end, it all comes down to have a clear strategy, just like a peacock.

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