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Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Dec '18

Are you scared or excited by 2019?

We are in a better position now than at any time to change the world for the good but not if we live in fear. We need to use our resources and focus on the positive to make 2019 a great year.

As I prepare for New Years Eve with traditional haggis and a Scotsman for good luck, I’m aware that the positivity of the lead up to Christmas has been overtaken by the confusion about what will happen in the coming year.

The concern I have is that we will talk ourselves into a disaster. If we are fearful and look for the evidence that it is all going wrong with Brexit, climate change, the economy, the health service, crime or whatever we will find the proof. Particularly with social media feeding our prejudices by showing us only what we agree with.

However, we don’t have to be scared and being scared only undermines us. If we look for the positive, find the good, surround ourselves with positive people, then we can have a great year.

We create reality in our heads, and it is our resourcefulness and ability to respond to the good and the bad that dictate how well we do. I have the privilege to work with some charities that work with the most challenged people who do not have resources either because of their background or current circumstances, like the woman living on a fiver per week. If we do have resources then we need to use them, not live in fear of something which may never happen and we can’t impact.

Have a great world-changing 2019 and be excited that we are in a better position now than at any time in history to change the world for the good.

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