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Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Aug '19

Are you stuck in a goldfish bowl of limitations or swimming in an ocean of opportunities?

We can all change the world but we need to be open to the opportunities and not scared

It’s easy to get stuck going round and round seeing no way out like a goldfish in a bowl. Even when actually we could be swimming free it can feel safer to just stay near the shore in the places we know well.

Going on holiday and coming back often provides an opportunity to see your life in a new way. Often people determine to start exercising or dieting or to change their job but it can also be a chance to review your life more fully.

Are you achieving the purpose you want? How do you want to change the world?

Today I had an inspirational meeting where we discussed a collaboration which could fundamentally change how businesses work – how exciting is that?

You could have equally inspirational ideas and discussions so that you break out into the huge ocean of opportunities which is there to be explored.

Good luck – if you want help with ideas that’s my passion so give me a ring.

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