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Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Jun '16

Are your company values working?

Five easy questions to ask to establish if your company values are working

5 easy questions to find out

The easy way to know if your company values are working is to ask the following five questions:

1 Does everyone who comes in contact with your company get treated consistently? If not, it may be some staff don’t understand how your values translate into actions or just don’t follow them

2 Do your staff think they are treated fairly, or does it depend on the manager or who you ask? Companies with strong values are judged by their staff to be fairer, and consequently staff are happier and more engaged

3 Do staff tend to use their initiative or wait for guidance? Companies with clear values which people understand will have staff who are confident to act because they know what they should do in any circumstance because of the company values

4 Are there company stories about how you have exemplified your values? What people tell stories about illustrates what they think is important and help everyone to feel part of ‘this is how we do things around here’. The stories will reflect the real values of the company – these may not be the official ones!

5 Can you measure the success of your values? We always look to find some clear indicators that the values and their associated behaviours are being followed – these are also brilliant for marketing.

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