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Posted by Sarah Brown on 24 Apr '15

Do you know what first impressions you are making?

It is easy to unintentionally make a bad first impression if you don't behave in an ethical way

I was at a networking meeting this morning and several people who had said that they would attend didn’t turn up and didn’t send a message. I had not met any of them but I had a first impression – they are unreliable or maybe just rude or disorganised. Will I do business with them in the future? Well they’ve got a hill to climb.

It reminds me of the ‘Have I got news for you’ episode where they put a pack of lard on a seat of someone who didn’t turn up, you got a message even though the person wasn’t there.

Recently we have produced a new tool the Ethical Networker© identifying the underlying values and behaviours that lead to networking success.

But it’s not just networking or not as the case may be, it is also your website, your phone answering, your car, and any contact people have with your organisation such as experience of your service or product. Everything is part of your corporate personality so none of it can be left to chance.

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