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Posted by Sarah Brown on 10 Jun '18

Even if you have no competition you need to read this


What is your why? Why you are different from the rest, get this clear and you’ll stand out from the crowd whatever you are doing. You’ll have found your niche, your USP, your competitive advantage.

Even if you have no competition you have built the best and most different product or service in the world, if people are to buy it then they need to know why they should.

But most of us aren’t unique and do have competition and understanding how and why you are different are critical to success. But this isn’t an academic exercise to calculate what makes you different it needs to be based on the essence of the organisation.

Having a very clear niche has many advantages:

  • You know what you need to do consistently well
  • Everyone in the organisation can understand what makes you different and therefore should also understand what needs to happen thus helping consistency
  • You can focus your promotional activities
  • People you meet will understand what you do and will be able to refer you to others
  • Customers will know why to choose you
  • Collaborative partners will be more obvious

Most importantly if you are following your why, your passion, then it will be obvious and will attract customers, staff and support.

Need help understanding your niche then here you can find the 4 questions to ask. Want to access a full business skills session on how to identify your niche or multiple niches then you can sign up for the Solopreneur Growth Club


Or need help then look at how we can help you create an identifiable market niche and download our free ebook about how even lettuces can be different!

Want more fun read about how Tesco looked to niche themselves.