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Posted by Sarah Brown on 23 Jul '12

Finally eating that frog

In time management and goal setting Brian Tracy's Eat that Frog is both simple and compelling and I've finally managed to eat a rather large one in the form of a mammoth business plan of almost 30,000 words

I love developing strategic ideas with clients and then translating them into practical plans that can be put into action and for some organisations this can be quick and easy. However currently with the market as it is and the need to be flexible and creative, plans can change both quickly and radically.

I've been working with a social enterprise client to produce a business plan which will support various strands of activity and pull them together so others can understand and appreciate the vision for the future. Each new idea that has been added is great but it has meant the plan has continued to grow and change for much longer than I would have liked. Finally I decided last week that I needed to eat that frog and finish the business plan before anything else could change. And I did it, but I'm not sure it would have happened if I hadn't been determined it would get done on the day agreed.

The business plan is a reflection of the complexity of the operating environment at the moment. It focuses on both the strategic environment for the Local Authority within which the organisation makes social impacts that change lives as well as the nitty gritty of income generation from sales to the general public with revenues justified by the footfall in shopping areas. The plan is like a jigsaw puzzle and I'm so pleased I've finally finished it - I hope it's not a picture of a frog LOL