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Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 May '22

Five reasons a coaching session might be what you need

I've been coached and have also coached many people and continue to do so. These are the five powerful reasons to have a coaching session.

1 You're too busy for a coaching session

It's too easy in life to be a busy fool. And the more you do, the less you feel you have time to take stock. Bizarrely the more it feels like you don't have the time for a coaching session is almost certainly when you need it most. Good coaching gives you a chance to take stock and get an external perspective.

2 You've got a problem

It is always cheaper and easier to learn from someone else's experience. I have come across many problems in my career and made lots of mistakes, and as a coach, I am happy to share my perspectives and what I have learned. Frequently problems come with decisions that need to be made, and a coaching session is a perfect place to consider different options. I have even developed a tool, The Decision Improver(c), which I use with clients. One simple tip in this tool, is to imagine it is 12 months down the line and the problem is solved. Looking in the rearview mirror, how did you solve it? We are always wise after the event!

Of the 100+ tools I have developed during my career, most have been in response to problems clients, or I have had. I am always excited when someone comes with a new issue as it is often the chance for a new tool. As an Ideas inspirer(my job title on my business card) and a strategist I love to help people solve problems.

3 You've lost your confidence

Particularly in a senior role or as an entrepreneur, there is often no one to say you are doing a good job. Everyone takes for granted what they can do easily, even if other people would find it difficult. We often feel what we are great at is commonplace, and we focus on what we are struggling with, and our confidence is undermined. As a coach, I can see how brilliant my clients are and remind them how great they are and how far they have come. If you've lost your confidence, get a coaching session booked.

4 You're doing something new/different and need help

The whole point of having a coach is that you don't need to struggle on your own. If something new is challenging, I might not know the answer, but I may know someone who does or be able to use my research skills or develop a tool to help. But often, just talking it through helps identify how you need to act.

5 You've lost your oomph

Everyone gets tired and demotivated at points. As a coach, I see a crucial part of my role as helping you rediscover why you are doing what you do and revitalising your passion.

Never struggle on oomphless!

If you are based in Sheffield City Region, I am currently involved in a couple of schemes that fund mentoring and coaching for businesses, charities, and social enterprises. Give me a ring if you want to know more on 01709 810080.

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