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Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 May '13

Focus on action

Action without focus is what the headless chicken is famous for, focus and goals linked to action make you unstoppable

"The world has the habit of making room for the man whose actions show that he knows where he is going." Napoleon Hill

This week I’ve constantly been reminded that nothing happens without action but you need focus as well so it is action towards the big goals that matter.

I get real satisfaction from taking actions which take me closer to my goals. In practical terms I am now using a fitbit to monitor my footsteps - my action - and until yesterday I had been doing really well – taking physical action which has led to a smaller waist, more energy and fewer weeds in the garden. A very productive way to get active I can tell you.

Yesterday for some reason I didn’t move much in fact fitbit tells me I was sedentary for 10 hours 40 minutes and only achieved 55% of my activity goal for the day. Before my very clear goal and my ability to track with fitbit I’m sure I had lots of days as stationary but have been able to hide from them in my mind.

In lots of ways I had a great day, achieved stuff on my to do list, saw friends for dinner, progressed our bathroom project, but my big goal of getting fit and slim and taking action to achieve it didn’t happen and I went to bed dissatisfied and even didn’t sleep well – not enough action.
Fitbit is fine for planning and tracking physical action and I would recommend it. For action in your business or life then we’ve got an action plan template we’ve developed which you can have if you email me for it. Today is going better already more activity than yesterday and time for weeding as well – and the sun is shining.