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Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Feb '15

Fourteen potential reasons you might attend an exhibition

Success at an exhibition like anything else requires clear objectives and strategy and then taking action.

Even if you are just visiting an exhibition it is worth thinking about why you are there. What do you want to sell, promote or communicate and to whom?

Here are fourteen potential objectives that you might have:

  1. get orders or sales
  2. book future sales appointments
  3. launch new products or services
  4. open new markets or territories
  5. test new pricing or offers
  6. enhance your relationships with current customers
  7. conduct market research
  8. get contact names for the database
  9. get media coverage
  10. check out the competition
  11. enhance the company image or brand - particularly if the other exhibitors are prestigious
  12. conduct sales meetings at the show
  13. provide education or information to the visitors including sampling of products
  14. recruit new employees

Any combination of these goals may be appropriate depending on the exhibition. Just make sure they are SMART

If you don't know where you're going, you will probably end up somewhere else.

Lawrence J Peter