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Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jan '18

Have you got too many ideas and options?

Choosing the right way forward can feel hard but there are some things you can do to help with the decision making

During January I’ve been doing lots of talks about to be more effective at achieving your goals. But several people have been confused by the number of ideas and potential ways forward they have identified .

The problem for them is how to decide what to do. Often the goal is clear but the strategy to achieve it is not. Sometimes it is very different options which might lead to differing goals all of which are attractive but not prioritised.

One person wanted a new van for his business but as we talked he also mentioned he was living with his parents while he got his business going and also wanted his own property. Both are goals and in this case, it was a just question of deciding which comes first. The strategy for both is actually the same, earn more income on a regular basis.

For another more established business it was, do we niche or continue to offer a wide range of services? In this case it is possible to test and do some scenario planning i.e. to imagine what each route would involve.

Sometimes the choice is made too black and white, both ways may be possible or there may be a middle way.

In every case, the critical issue is to consider the options and how they fit with your values and longer-term vision. If something makes you feel uncomfortable it is probably your subconscious giving you a steer.

You can also imagine it is a point in the future when your decision has been implemented and you are looking back; think about how you would feel for each potential path you could take, what makes you feel most satisfied, which feels right. If you are not a risk taker then consider the level of risk in each option and do the one which feels the right level of risk for you.

Sometimes once we have finally made a decision we feel pleased, other times there can be a feeling of regret that the other options have been lost; if this happens pause and consider what you are regretting and can it be included in the route you have chosen. If it is really important does it need to be kept in mind for future or the decision re-evaluated. Changing your mind for good reason is not a sign of weakness.

The danger is that you will take no action because you can’t make a decision, this will mean you may lose each of the opportunities and that would be sad. We more often regret the things we haven’t done than those we have.

We have a tool to help with decision making and spend a lot of time helping our clients consider goals and strategies because as objective outsiders we are not as emotional and can often provide a rainbow of options rather than the stark choice between black and white.

Just think it is wonderful to have lots of ideas and options but do take action NOW to choose what you will progress in 2018 rather than looking back on December 31st because you have failed to act on any of the great opportunities.

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