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Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Oct '13

How did Edison light the world - a little known fact and a huge goal

Thomas Edison set the goal of lighting the world so he not only had to invent a great light bulb but he had to ensure there would be electricity to power it.

Last night I was helping Bob prepare for a presentation about goals he gave this morning at the 4N meeting in Bawtry. As we looked for information and quotes I was surprised to discover that Edison had the goal of lighting the world not just creating a great light bulb.

Most people know that he took 1000's of tries to get a good light bulb - the numbers vary on how many, but not a lot of people know that he developed a system of electric power generation and distribution so that it could go to homes, businesses, and factories both crucial to the development of the modern industrial world but also critical if you want a light bulb that works.

We rarely fail because we set too large a goal we don't succeed because we don't challenge ourselves or keep going when at first we fail. If you've got an annual goal for 2013 that you don't think you'll achieve keep going - you've got almost 3 months - YOU CAN DO IT I KNOW YOU CAN.