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Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Apr '19

How much would you increase your success if you joined the circular economy?

The climate crisis is an opportunity to be creative and find new ways of working

Have you caught up with the latest buzz words in business circular innovation and circular business? No, it’s not being a wheel maker but just like the invention of the wheel it may have as much impact on the earth.

It’s thinking about how you can move what you do from make, take and dispose to a reuse or recycling model. Returning to the circle of life.

Ecovative has started making packaging from mycelium, or mushroom 'roots. ' Mycelium is cheap, plentiful, and easy to grow, and its biodegradable products break down in nature and become compost once you’re finished with them.

This new focus cannot only help the planet but also provides new business opportunities. Over 30 years ago I was investigating the provision of reusable incontinence products to reduce the waste going to landfill. And still they are not readily available. A business providing this could be started by anyone from a sole trader to a charity.

You can read here how a design student was inspired to find a better solution than the existing tampons which clog our drains, her idea involves a cooperative and recycling.

This is not just for manufacturers

Obviously thinking sustainably provides opportunities for the service sector to maintain and repurpose items that might otherwise have been disposed of but it is also a useful way for other service businesses to think.

A lot of the service sector is about knowledge and reusing that knowledge and repurposing it is something we have been doing for years; learning from one sector and applying to another. In my book Winning by being Good I call It pioneering learning and it can radically increase the results you achieve.

We have moved from a time when things were invented and that was that, now things are constantly evolving and whatever sector we are in we need to think about how we can evolve what we are doing, rather than throwing away and starting again.

Could you find a subscription model that would work for your business?

If you want help to become circular, we can run a Creative Think Tank for you, just ring Sarah on 01709 810080 to find out more.

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