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Posted by Sarah Brown on 14 Sept '17

Is running a business easier than driving?

Why is it that we know we need a driving expert to teach us to drive but don't think we need a business adviser or coach when we want to learn to run our own business?

Sometimes I get very confused. People know it is important to learn to drive well so people get an expert to teach them, yet obviously running a business is so simple you can do it on your own even though the consequences of crashing a business can be more far reaching than being a bad driver. You can lose your house, your relationships or even your liberty if you inadvertently break the law.

Because it is so easy to set up a business people just do it with no thought of getting a business coach or adviser they just get going and hope it’ll work out. Imagine learning to drive like that particularly on a manual car.

“I suppose this stick with numbers on has got a use shall I start with the highest number? Do I need to do anything else? Why does the engine keep stopping?”

Of course, you can learning from a book but it’s never easy reading and driving at the same time and similarly with business I love business books but rarely are they practical enough or do they answer the exact question that I want to know at the point I need it.

I suspect one of the issues is that most people think they know what a driving instructor does but are much less clear about what a business coach or adviser does.

In fact, the roles are similar we use our experience, the mistakes we’ve made so you don’t have to learn by hitting things. We focus on areas that are important to you and we help you to get to your end destination legally and in the most fuel(resource) efficient way possible while going at a good rate.

If you want a free driving lesson – oops coaching session ring Bob now on 01709 810081

Here is an infographic on what to look for in a coach

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