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Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Sept '20

Volunteering - how has the pandemic impacted it?

Covid 19 has affected volunteering radically and the wider impact on society and the many people who were volunteers may be catastrophic

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I am worried that the emphasis on physical health and the economy has meant that a huge and critical section of society has been forgotten; the volunteers that make our communities run, teach our children sports, work in our libraries and raise vital funds. I worry that they have had their sense of purpose stolen and their social contacts taken from them. They will have not received a formal redundancy notice and as the video shows bringing them back into charities and groups is not easy, but the impact of not re-engaging the millions of volunteers will be everything from more rubbish as charity shops do not open for donations, to more mental health problems and people who disengage from society. If older people are scared to go out and have no reason to, because the voluntary work they do has gone they also will not be contributing to the economy.

As well as looking at the video please get involved by completing this survey to establish what the state of volunteering is. 19 million people volunteer we need to support them (see more here).

I hope the results from this survey will provide evidence to raise the issue and hopefully get support to help volunteers return.

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