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Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Jan '22

Key to your charity's success in 2022 will be your marketing

The problem for most charities is that there is no traditional marketing department. You may have fundraisers or social media people, but rarely is there a marketing strategy specialist.

Consequently, everyone and no one is responsible for the critical elements of marketing.

Why is marketing so important?

Marketing is much, much more than promotion. It gives you the tools to review the services and products you offer and whether they meet your objectives and the needs of the people you serve. My first introduction to marketing was as a new product development specialist. I looked for gaps in our offerings or services that needed to be upgraded or even stopped. I identified the gaps by looking at competing services and by researching with customers and the sales force working with them. Every charity should be reviewing what it does annually to ensure it is effectively fulfilling its purpose. As well as research with users about how they feel about what you are doing and what else they might like from you, analyse how much each area of activity adds to your social impact, the equivalent of profit for a charity.

Your product mix is fundamental, but marketing strategy is also essential in setting pricing or charges, both an art and a science. Pricing includes what you offer for free, what it says about what you are offering, and how users may value the service and how it makes them feel. Some people you would like to help may feel difficult about taking something as 'charity', and others may not realise the value of what they are receiving.

Of course, marketing strategy also includes the more familiar promotional elements, including who you might work with to get to your users. Reviewing what is working in messages and media will ensure you do not waste time or money, both significant resources.

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