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Posted by Sarah Brown on 24 Oct '18

Niches from Amazon to artistic CVs

Nine examples of niche businesses from the huge to the small which could be run from your bedroom.

Here are examples of a range of different niche products and services showing the various ways you can niche. It doesn’t have to be new just a focus which allows you to market effectively.


Join The Story Box - Monthly Kids Books

JoinTheStoryBox offers subscribers children's storybooks delivered every month.

Vintage Book, Tea and Stationery Subscription Gift by BOOKISHLY

A monthly delivery of a surprise vintage paperback, some lovely stationery and delicious tea. Not an obvious combination.

Niche by interest area

Retiring sets

Lets Lego lovers know about and buy sets that are being ‘retired’ by Lego.

Lands End to John O'Groats

Somebody selling books about doing this journey but with a website that covers everything from bikes to photos.

Jobs In The Oil Patch

A niche made possible by the internet and global market, a job site that just advertises jobs in the oil industry.

Niche by skill

Trendy Resumes

Remarkably a business that has made money and sold its website for $70,000 offering selling different CV template designs using MS word.

Book keeping for Tattoo artists

This is a bookkeeper I met that was married to a tattoo artist and understood their issues so could niche to focus on them

Niche by method

Urgent Business Forms

Lots of sites sell business forms but this company has aimed to capture the niche of urgent using the phrase “immediate access” and prepared by lawyers.


Their niche making it scarily easy to buy, from initially books to now many, many things

If you want help creating your niche or bringing it to life in your marketing we can help you stand out from the crowd just book a chat to find out how.

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