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Posted by Sarah Brown on 02 Aug '16

Not all innovation is good!

The internet of things can be very powerful until it fails

No doubt it seemed a good idea when someone invented a remote opening dog bowl. Go away for the day and send a message from your phone when your dog was to be fed! Great except it didn't work, it crashed and suddenly the internet of things seemed to have created an invention too far. Particularly when mechanical equivalents have been reliably working for years.

But sometimes technology can be useful. Over twenty years ago I was running a curry club for a restaurant to get feedback from customers who paid on a Monday night once a month to come and try new dishes. If I was running it now they would be encouraged to take photos and videos with their comments on their phone, share thoughts on social media, use interactive content by having them answer quizzes on their mobiles to get each dish scored, and get alerts when the dish actually made it on to the menu. Back then it was written comments on survey forms, manually analysed. It was cutting edge - it filled the restaurant on a Monday!

Like anything, technology and innovation, if is adds value is great,but it is always worth doing a sense check - who wants to feel the guilt of leaving a dog hungry?

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