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When you grow up do you want to be a business, a social enterprise or a charity?

What is the difference between a business that wants to change the world, a charity that wants to change the world and a social enterprise and who decides which is which? Easy in terms of the legal charity status - after that it gets complex.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 08 Dec '22 | Tags: entrepreneur social enterprise public sector charity cic

Recession: threat or opportunity

Like me, you may get to the stage where you avoid the news because it always seems terrible. As the saying goes, "we're going to hell in a handcart!". But are we?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Nov '22 | Tags: business planning

An idea to help smaller charities

Charities rely on grants or people's donations. Since the first Charity Act in 1604, charities have been regulated to ensure people can trust they are using the money wisely and as intended. Complying with the law and the charity governance code and doing good work is challenging for small charities run totally by volunteers.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Oct '22 | Tags: charity governance code charity

Use your values to show you are different

Generally, people feel more comfortable dealing with people and organisations that share our view of the world, share our values; we can relax because we have common ground.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 20 Oct '22 | Tags: values niche

Five reasons this summer was memorable

It feels like it has been a long summer of ups and downs, but I also think I have learnt a lot.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 22 Sept '22 | Tags: values leadership

Lessons from my holiday

I have recently had a rail holiday to Germany, which in many ways I enjoyed but, as with many of my trips abroad, also got me thinking. Here is what I found curious and thought-provoking:

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Jul '22 | Tags: travel strategy

Ideas for saving money and increasing income

It's just over 40 years since inflation was at a similar level to today. I can't pretend to remember what people did then, but I have a few ideas about what you can do now if you feel you are drowning in the wave of inflation.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 14 Jun '22 | Tags:

Five reasons a coaching session might be what you need

I've been coached and have also coached many people and continue to do so. These are the five powerful reasons to have a coaching session.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 May '22 | Tags: coaching strategy

How culture going wrong impacts success and may cost lives

A toxic culture can be fatal and all-pervasive. Directly or indirectly, organisational culture can kill whether it is Boeing, Volkswagen, the police or an NHS maternity service.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Apr '22 | Tags: values ethical audit

Ten potential reasons to set up a separate trading subsidiary

I have been encouraging charities to think more entrepreneurially for over 30 years. If you generate income rather than rely on grants or donations, you have control of your destiny.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Mar '22 | Tags: collaboration charity social enterprise socent

Good charity governance - the highly tuned mechanisms that help you fulfil your purpose

What is good charity governance? I struggle to define governance, and many other people are the same. It puts people off from thinking about it or what would make governance good. But the news this week about The Captain Tom Foundation and Kids Company and their governance issues highlights its importance

Posted by Sarah Brown on 10 Feb '22 | Tags: governance charity governance code CIO

Top ten tips about how to get the most from your trustees

A strong board of trustees is a powerful part of any successful charity. Here are ten tips based on my experience about how to get the most from your trustees.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Jan '22 | Tags: charity trustees

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