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What sort of innovative growth do you want to achieve in 2021?

How do you want to grow in 2021? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Dec '20 | Tags: innovation growth

It's the time to think seriously about Collaboration. Here are three reasons why

Covid 19 has put charities under stress and collaboration is a key strategy for success going forward

Posted by Sarah Brown on 03 Dec '20 | Tags: collaboration charity

Why assumptions can be fatal

Decisions made without full knowledge based on incomplete or inaccurate assumptions have cost the lives of the elderly during the pandemic and we can all learn from this.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Nov '20 | Tags: decision making

Could you save time and money by changing to a CIO?

If you are a company limited by guarantee it might make sense to convert to being a CIO

Posted by Sarah Brown on 13 Nov '20 | Tags: charity

Using collaboration to change the world

Why collaboration is important, tips and an inspirational example

Posted by Sarah Brown on 23 Oct '20 | Tags: collaboration success values

Making the decisions to secure your future

In these times of uncertainty making decisions can seem very hard and scary. Here are four simple steps to help.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 22 Oct '20 | Tags: success decision making

Five news stories to make you happy

In these times of doom here are five stories to inspire you

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 Sept '20 | Tags: inspiration innovation

Volunteering - how has the pandemic impacted it?

Covid 19 has affected volunteering radically and the wider impact on society and the many people who were volunteers may be catastrophic

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Sept '20 | Tags: charity volunteering new normal

How to reflect your values in how you sell

Whether you sell online or face to face your pricing and sales strategy is the most visible representation of your values. Get it right and you will sell more.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Aug '20 | Tags: sales values

Do you know how to go from really average to best in the world?

What we can all learn from Jimmy Anderson and his success

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Aug '20 | Tags: inspiration

Save our volunteers! The hidden health threat of Covid 19

A plea to protect the 19 million volunteers and everything they make happen

Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Aug '20 | Tags: charity social impact volunteering

Strategic thinking for charities and social enterprises in the Pandemic

Three areas to consider as you develop a strategy and prepare for the risks of the new normal.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 Jul '20 | Tags: charity socent strategy

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