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Use Coronavirus to be better prepared

There are three simple steps you can take to prepare for the impact of Coronavirus on your organisation

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 Feb '20 | Tags: strategic development business planning

How to produce a business plan that can really create success for you

Template business plans are not the answer for a business plan that you can really use to take your organisation forward, this blog will give you a strategy for producing a business plan that really reflects what you need

Posted by Sarah Brown on 01 Jan '20 | Tags: business planning

Are you breeding scapegoats? Why you need a culture of pioneer learning.

Looking for scapegoats rather than learning when things go wrong can have serious consequences for business

Posted by Sarah Brown on 02 Nov '19 | Tags: responsible organisation charter corporate culture

A “novel” way to highlight charity issues

“The Long Call” the latest novel by Ann Cleeves raises many important issues that charities face. Learn more...

Posted by Sarah Brown on 10 Oct '19 | Tags: charity values

Seven issues to consider if you want to earn money as a charity

If you want to move from funding and donations to generating income then there are seven key issues and risks to consider

Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Sept '19 | Tags: charity social enterprise feasibility study

Are you stuck in a goldfish bowl of limitations or swimming in an ocean of opportunities?

We can all change the world but we need to be open to the opportunities and not scared

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Aug '19 | Tags: inspiration changing lives

What public bodies can do to avoid something like the Nottinghamshire child sex abuse scandal

Corporate culture is critical if the vulnerable are to be protected in cases like these

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jul '19 | Tags: responsible organisation charter winning by being good

A brief history of modern management thinking - a video timeline

Here is a quick video look at the last 150 years of management thinking from time and motion to triple bottom line and beyond

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 Jun '19 | Tags: responsible organisation charter strategy

Are you a social entrepreneur?

What makes a social entrepreneur and are you one? An inspirational case study of one world leading organisation set up by a social entrepreneur

Posted by Sarah Brown on 06 Jun '19 | Tags: responsible organisation charter social entrepreneur collaboration

The mortality of corporate values

Shareholders are now suing Boeing for not upholding their values, and Boeing is losing a $1 billion a month, a clear illustration of why upholding values is critical to business success

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 May '19 | Tags: values corporate culture

5 reasons any charity should develop partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships are the way for charities to be more successful. These five reasons show how

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 May '19 | Tags: collaboration charity social enterprise

How much would you increase your success if you joined the circular economy?

The climate crisis is an opportunity to be creative and find new ways of working

Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Apr '19 | Tags: innovation sustainable profit

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