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Technology v people - playing to their strengths

It's great when technology enhances the experience but there needs to be some commonsense used to ensure it doesn't undermine good well proven practise

Posted by Sarah Brown on 13 Mar '19 | Tags: innovation values

Which sector is now the exemplar of being responsible?

Public distrust and scandals are now linked to every sector from politics to business to charities, we all need to be addressing how to act from responsibly if society is to thrive

Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Feb '19 | Tags: charity responsible organisation charter inspiration

Does the end justify the means in your organisation?

A report this month identifies that Oxfam was more concerned about what it was doing and achieving than how it achieved it and that is how its safeguarding was undermined. This is a threat to any organisation that doesn't apply its values rigorously and consistently.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 21 Jan '19 | Tags: values vision charity social enterprise

Are you scared or excited by 2019?

We are in a better position now than at any time to change the world for the good but not if we live in fear. We need to use our resources and focus on the positive to make 2019 a great year.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Dec '18 | Tags: changing lives values charity 21st century business

Can you feel the Christmas spirit all year?

Giving at Christmas makes us feel good. We give presents and time and generally focus on the better parts of human nature. But you can get the same feeling all year long ...

Posted by Sarah Brown on 21 Dec '18 | Tags: volunteering changing lives

Does a niche always give you success?

The interesting story of the Maglev in Shanghai and how a USP is different from a niche. Plus learn about the characteristics of a successful niche.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 Nov '18 | Tags: niche niche market business success

Niches from Amazon to artistic CVs

Nine examples of niche businesses from the huge to the small which could be run from your bedroom.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 24 Oct '18 | Tags: niche marketing

Are you a male or female peacock in your marketing?

Do you stand out and display who you really are in your marketing or blend into the background?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Oct '18 | Tags: marketing niche strategic development

Pricing strategies: art, science, or manipulation?

How people respond to different prices and why we pay more

Posted by Sarah Brown on 02 Oct '18 | Tags: marketing pricing

Is Nike a really ethical company or just using a great marketing strategy ?

Nike is celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Just do it” with a controversial promotional campaign. Has it worked and are they really ethical?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Sept '18 | Tags: values marketing

Can you guess VW's values from the way they act?

VW is trying to address its corporate culture through its “cultural heritage” programme as part of the TRANSFORM 2025+ strategy but do their values really translate into behaviours?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 24 Aug '18 | Tags: leadership business success corporate culture vw

We're all responsible if we want a Great Britain

From responsible business to charities, social enterprises and individuals, the government's new Civil Society Strategy wants us all to get involved. Here is a summary of the main strands of the Strategy plus access to a responsible organisation blueprint.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 09 Aug '18 | Tags: collaboration responsible organisation charter charity socent

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