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Posted by Sarah Brown on 14 Mar '17

Seeing opportunities rather than problems

The inspirational Nan Lian garden in Hong Kong shows that even in the middle of dual carriageways you can create beauty and calm if you see the opportunity rather than the problem.

In the UK in the space at intersections where dual carriageways meet we put crash barriers and maybe a roundabout if we’re lucky with a few plants which then are difficult to maintain because of the location.

In Hong Kong they had the vision to see a space between major roads as the opportunity for a garden.

The problem of noise, let’s put up high walls, paint them green and plant in front of them to reduce the sound, let’s have music playing and waterfalls so you can hear gentle notes and rushing water.

Need a restaurant which is accessible for deliveries, put it behind the waterfall at the edge of the garden so people look through the water and have the gentle sound as they eat.

I called it ‘the garden that kept on giving’ because it was more than a garden with pagodas, fish and tea house. There were also exhibitions of beautiful bonsais, rocks, wooden models and a hall with changing displays – lovely pottery when we were there. And then just when you thought there couldn’t be anything else the sign to lotus gardens and the Buddhist temple.

The gift shop had works of art selling for thousands of pounds as well as beautiful book marks for just a couple, it was like an exhibit with beautiful items.

The need to make the most of every bit of space has created a wonderful oasis in a busy city, maybe we all need to think if we only had this what could we do rather than bemoaning that we only have this.

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