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The secret to success - great leadership

Success depends on knowing where you are going and how you will get there and that is the role of the leader

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 May '17 | Tags: vision values action leadership

9 steps to achieving your goals in 2017

How to turn vision and goals into action and results with nine easy steps

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Jan '17 | Tags: action coaching goals

Are shared values either realistic or achievable?

A company with shared values will act consistently and be more successful.

Posted by Bob Brown on 24 Jun '14 | Tags: action values

Any cows come up to you recently and offered their milk?

As the old saying says "If you want milk, don't sit on a stool in the middle of a field in the hope that the cow will back up to you" - you need to take action

Posted by Bob Brown on 24 Apr '14 | Tags: inspiration action

Better Decision Making

We make decisions every minute of every day even if the decision is to keep doing what we are doing but scarily too many decisions can work out wrong. Based on Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath I've developed a tool "The Decision Improver"(c) to help you make better decisions. Firstly be aware that it is rare a decision should be whether or not - widen your options, then test your assumptions, reduce the emotion, get your distance and then prepare to be wrong in either direction - overly successful or failing.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Jun '13 | Tags: entrepreneur charity goal setting social enterprise strategic development inspiration business planning action decision making

Focus on action

Action without focus is what the headless chicken is famous for, focus and goals linked to action make you unstoppable

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 May '13 | Tags: entrepreneur goal setting social enterprise inspiration tools aspiration action