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Be really clear about what you offer

How a clear Theory of Change is critical for success whatever type of organisation you are

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Aug '23 | Tags: values charity socent business corporate culture

Thinking outside the box - Recession: threat or opportunity

In this third blog about thriving in challenging times, whatever type of organisation you are, I want to think about what is the key to success in any organisation. Whether you are a one-woman band or a global corporation, a charity, social enterprise or business, the people involved are critical.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 21 Feb '23 | Tags: charity success public sector socent business

Why business and charities need each other in 2021

2020 has demonstrated how much we all rely on each other and a planet that works. People want the learning from the pandemic to be reflected in the post-covid world. The number 1 trend is Build back better.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Jan '21 | Tags: collaboration charity business socent

Can you guess VW's values from the way they act?

VW is trying to address its corporate culture through its “cultural heritage” programme as part of the TRANSFORM 2025+ strategy but do their values really translate into behaviours?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 24 Aug '18 | Tags: leadership business success corporate culture

Getting better at sales and growth by collaboration are the priorities for 2015

The results of our business growth survey shows that most people have a simple view of growth - sell more.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 23 Mar '15 | Tags: business growth marketing

Using emotion to increase your sales

Emotional selling comes more naturally to many business owners.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 20 Mar '15 | Tags: sales training sales business

The seven top mistakes that a business owner should avoid if they want to achieve success

The seven top mistakes that can be fatal to business success

Posted by Sarah Brown on 03 Oct '14 | Tags: business business success

Collaboration is the key to future success in business

Collaboration is team working for businesses and just like a strong team can achieve so much more than the individuals working alone so can a strong collaboration

Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 May '14 | Tags: entrepreneur collaboration business