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Powerful ways to help people to understand your impact

Share how you change the world to attract more support or customers.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Apr '21 | Tags: social impact changing lives

Are you stuck in a goldfish bowl of limitations or swimming in an ocean of opportunities?

We can all change the world but we need to be open to the opportunities and not scared

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Aug '19 | Tags: inspiration changing lives

Are you scared or excited by 2019?

We are in a better position now than at any time to change the world for the good but not if we live in fear. We need to use our resources and focus on the positive to make 2019 a great year.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Dec '18 | Tags: changing lives values charity 21st century business

Can you feel the Christmas spirit all year?

Giving at Christmas makes us feel good. We give presents and time and generally focus on the better parts of human nature. But you can get the same feeling all year long ...

Posted by Sarah Brown on 21 Dec '18 | Tags: volunteering changing lives

Six strategic lessons we can all learn from the Olympics

Beyond working harder, training longer and investing more, there are important lessons we can all learn from the Olympics which can help us all achieve more

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Aug '16 | Tags: corporate social responsibility changing lives business success

Three reasons to do good in a business

An interesting example of how doing good can be profitable even for the smallest business

Posted by Sarah Brown on 10 Apr '15 | Tags: changing lives business success niche market

Everyone deserves a Happy Christmas

An inspirational charity changing lives all the year

Posted by Sarah Brown on 18 Dec '14 | Tags: charity inspiration changing lives