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Let's make sure we are part of the solution, not the problem

The UK economy is not growing, and UK tax income needs to rise enough to provide the money required to support everything we need, such as the NHS, social care, housing, education, and addressing inequality.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Nov '23 | Tags: values environment charity corporate culture

Be really clear about what you offer

How a clear Theory of Change is critical for success whatever type of organisation you are

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Aug '23 | Tags: values charity socent business corporate culture

Every day is a school day

Learning is critical for on-going success and a fulfilled life.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 18 Jun '21 | Tags: charity entrepreneur marketing social enterprise inspiration goal setting values strategic development responsible organisation charter coaching business planning collaboration innovation tools 21st century business business success csr socent growth aspiration local authority feasibility study creative think tank corporate culture vision

Three tips to help you avoid destroying your organisation as you come out of lock down

Beware that by focusing on survival you may destroy the essence of your organisation

Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 Jun '20 | Tags: corporate culture values

The relevance of the Dominic Cummings story to anyone who runs an organisation: instinct v rules

Every organisation needs a culture where its values are followed instinctively, it is not enough to rely on rules because rules do not cover every eventuality & can result in behaviour people find ‘unfair’ particularly if the values are not ranked.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 May '20 | Tags: values corporate culture

Are you breeding scapegoats? Why you need a culture of pioneer learning.

Looking for scapegoats rather than learning when things go wrong can have serious consequences for business

Posted by Sarah Brown on 02 Nov '19 | Tags: responsible organisation charter corporate culture

The mortality of corporate values

Shareholders are now suing Boeing for not upholding their values, and Boeing is losing a $1 billion a month, a clear illustration of why upholding values is critical to business success

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 May '19 | Tags: values corporate culture

Can you guess VW's values from the way they act?

VW is trying to address its corporate culture through its “cultural heritage” programme as part of the TRANSFORM 2025+ strategy but do their values really translate into behaviours?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 24 Aug '18 | Tags: leadership business success corporate culture

How to create a business full of super heroes

A business for success needs a corporate culture which creates super heroes that over achieve for customers and the team

Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 Jun '17 | Tags: corporate culture values business success

Why values are the key foundation of a strong corporate culture

A strong corporate culture is critical to on-going business success and values are critical to developing and maintaining such a culture

Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Apr '17 | Tags: corporate culture values