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7 marketing tips from Father Christmas

The marketing lessons we can learn from Father Christmas - an exclusive interview revealed what he has learnt over the centuries

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Dec '13 | Tags: marketing entrepreneur csr collaboration

What we can learn from South Africa

The focus in South Africa is on creating sustainable jobs rather than giving charity, this should be the emphasis in the UK. Creating meaningful work changes communities much more than any hand out could.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 10 Dec '13 | Tags: charity social enterprise entrepreneur

Marketing - is your mousetrap good enough?

Many times people are criticised for believing that if you build a better mousetrap people will come, when that is just not true. But the reverse is also not true ie you do need a product or service that works and adds benefits or all your marketing will be wasted

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Nov '13 | Tags: marketing entrepreneur social enterprise strategic development creative think tank

Winning by Doing Good

How changing the world and success can coincide even in a simple business like mending shoes

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 Oct '13 | Tags: csr family business entrepreneur charity social enterprise

goHow did Edison light the world - a little known fact and a huge goal

Thomas Edison set the goal of lighting the world so he not only had to invent a great light bulb but he had to ensure there would be electricity to power it.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Oct '13 | Tags: goal setting entrepreneur inspiration aspiration charity social enterprise

Who would have thought that a little blog about what is a social enterprise would cause such a stir

As a consultant that specialises in social enterprise about a month ago I wrote a blog about the differences between business, charity and social enterprise. It has prompted some really interesting debate in LinkedIn groups particularly in the Charity UK and the Big Society groups where there have been over 50 comments. One of the most succinct responses was the first from Lucy Haughey, Director & Founder at The PlanB Partnership

Posted by Sarah Brown on 07 Oct '13 | Tags: charity social enterprise entrepreneur community interest company

Paper, post, tweet, email which gets the most attention?

If you sometimes feel that choosing a communications route is like a complex game of paper,scissors stone, you are not alone. Last week we were at the National Entrepreneurs Convention in Birmingham and much of the event was focused on choosing the best way to build relationships and communicate effectively.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Sept '13 | Tags: entrepreneur goal setting marketing

Is the route to success finding your passion and following it?

Are you doing what you are passionate about? Seeing young people at the beginning of their career finding their passion and realising work can be fun is inspirational.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 15 Sept '13 | Tags: entrepreneur social enterprise inspiration

When you grow up do you want to be a business, a social enterprise or a charity?

What is the difference between a business that wants to change the world, a charity that wants to change the world and a social enterprise and who decides which is which? Easy in terms of the legal charity status - after that it gets complex.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 06 Sept '13 | Tags: entrepreneur social enterprise public sector charity

What makes a business successful?

Business success goes far beyond the brand image, marketing hype and social media position. To be successful a company must be solid with clear vision and values.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 02 Sept '13 | Tags: entrepreneur sellability

Family run business – challenge or opportunity?

As the number of family businesses increase it is critical you get the business fundamentals right or both home and business can come under threat

Posted by Bob Brown on 16 Aug '13 | Tags: entrepreneur family business values

Are you going on holiday - will there be a business to come back to?

Are you the type of business owner that can never go on holiday or let go if you do?

Posted by Bob Brown on 12 Aug '13 | Tags: entrepreneur tools time management solopreneur

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