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Team development - what we can learn from sport

As the start of the new football season approaches and the transfer season is in full swing, what will make the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful team?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jul '13 | Tags: entrepreneur tools team

How to change the world with marketing not charity

An inspirational story of how understanding a market others might ignore can work for a company and change the lives of the poor. And also a surprising statistic about the biggest selling mobile phone.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 05 Jul '13 | Tags: entrepreneur charity social enterprise marketing inspiration collaboration focus on action

Better Decision Making

We make decisions every minute of every day even if the decision is to keep doing what we are doing but scarily too many decisions can work out wrong. Based on Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath I've developed a tool "The Decision Improver"(c) to help you make better decisions. Firstly be aware that it is rare a decision should be whether or not - widen your options, then test your assumptions, reduce the emotion, get your distance and then prepare to be wrong in either direction - overly successful or failing.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Jun '13 | Tags: entrepreneur charity goal setting social enterprise strategic development inspiration business planning action decision making

Focus on action

Action without focus is what the headless chicken is famous for, focus and goals linked to action make you unstoppable

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 May '13 | Tags: entrepreneur goal setting social enterprise inspiration tools aspiration action focus

How understanding people is critical to business success

If we don't understand how and why people change then how can we attract new customers? I've just finished reading Switch by Chip and Dan Heath it was great, with some really powerful examples of how to help people change, make decisions and bring about change in organisations or even countries.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 May '13 | Tags: entrepreneur goal setting social enterprise strategic development marketing inspiration aspiration

The three ways to grow your organisation

There are only three ways to grow your organisation: organically but this takes time and money; mergers or acquisitions but this is high risk and difficult; collaboration and partnering which can be quick and effective if done right

Posted by Sarah Brown on 03 May '13 | Tags: collaboration goal setting strategic development entrepreneur charity social enterprise community interest company

Two high profile examples of charity and business collaborating

Charities and businesses can both profit from working together and getting in the Christmas spirit

Posted by Sarah Brown on 22 Nov '12 | Tags: charity entrepreneur marketing csr

How coaching keeps you motivated on the roller coaster of life

Some weeks give me a chance to benefit from my coaching and keep on going. “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Edison

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Nov '12 | Tags: coaching entrepreneur inspiration

An opportunity to learn how to build more legs for your marketing platform

More businesses will be getting together to inspire each other on the 12th November. They'll also be listening to me speak about how to develop a strong marketing platform without spending a fortune

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Oct '12 | Tags: marketing entrepreneur inspiration aspiration strategic development mihm

Make it Happen Monday

A great new monthly session to get a new infusion of energy and ideas. Every 2nd Monday of the Month we will be holding a Make It Happen session for 3 hours in Sheffield to let people share ideas, learn from others and get inspired.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 12 Sept '12 | Tags: entrepreneur social enterprise goal setting inspiration coaching mihm

Scary facts about teams - think football

The results of a poll of employees show that very few are clear about the vision and objectives of their organisation and their role - like only 2 football players in a team knowing which is their goal

Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Jun '12 | Tags: entrepreneur coaching charity local authority goal setting

Inspiration from JCI

The 2012 JCI European conference in Germany was both fun and inspirational and JCI UK won the award for most enthusiastic delegation

Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Jun '12 | Tags: entrepreneur goal setting charity csr social enterprise

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