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New opportunities - the first charity raises money from a share issue

How Hastings Pier Charity has got 3000+ people from the local community to buy shares in their award winning pier redevelopment

Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Nov '17 | Tags: charity funding and investment community shares

Community Interest Companies - are they coming of age?

Community Interest Companies are in the news doing all sorts of things in all sorts of places. Its encouraging social enterprises are becoming so newsworthy if people understand that CICs are social enterprises that is

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Apr '13 | Tags: charity social enterprise funding and investment community interest company cic

First application sent in for the investment and contract readiness

After just a week we're really pleased we've already been able to get an application into the contract and readiness fund. A social enterprise with lots of potential and no time or resource to pursue their ideas.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 18 Jul '12 | Tags: social enterprise strategic development funding and investment charity feasibility study business planning collaboration investment contract readiness

Investment and Contract Readiness Accredited Support Provider

Approved as one of the first accredited support providers for charities and social enterprises wanting to be investment and contract ready

Posted by Sarah Brown on 09 Jul '12 | Tags: charity social enterprise business planning feasibility study creative think tank funding and investment investment contract readiness

Dealing with an uncertain future - the role of business planning

Sarah Brown, explains the importance of business planning for charities. Originally published in Charity Times.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 01 Jun '12 | Tags: business planning charity funding and investment