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Every day is a school day

Learning is critical for on-going success and a fulfilled life.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 18 Jun '21 | Tags: charity entrepreneur marketing social enterprise inspiration goal setting values strategic development responsible organisation charter coaching business planning collaboration innovation tools 21st century business business success csr socent growth aspiration local authority feasibility study creative think tank corporate culture vision

Starting on the journey to income generation

Moving from a culture of donations and grants to earning income can be a big step for some charities and for some it seems impossible but there are lots of different routes and you can start with small steps

Posted by Sarah Brown on 24 Feb '14 | Tags: charity social enterprise marketing local authority

How supporting your local community can increase your success at winning business

The Social Value Act is based on the principle that value is not just about price, and organisations that meet the wider needs of the community should be rewarded.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Feb '14 | Tags: entrepreneur social enterprise local authority public sector

How to marry community need and viability using novel ways of working

The days of a simple solution to local provision have gone as the "Rethinking Parks" fund has identified. Councils need to think about innovation and collaboration to maintain services let alone improve them

Posted by Sarah Brown on 20 Jan '14 | Tags: local authority rethinking parks feasibility study

Is seeing believing?

The power of the brand. Once people have a belief then it can be very hard to shift so it is critical to protect your brand by acting consistently at all times and being true to your values. I think many people will be surprised about where this picture was taken - I hope I am wrong.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Jul '13 | Tags: marketing inspiration local authority strategic development

U-Mix opening - a day of social enterprise in practise and theory

Having been involved with U-Mix project supporting with funding bids, business planning and the practical development it was great and quite emotional to see it open today. The event was well supported reflecting the mix of people that have helped to make it successful and a credit to FURD who organised it. Before that I was at the Working Capital Conference which had some interesting comments from the head of Bid Society Capital.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 12 Apr '13 | Tags: charity social enterprise business planning strategic development inspiration collaboration local authority public sector

Something you might need to do immediately about the budget - and it's not about beer

If you tender for public sector business or plan to, or get a grant as a charity then you need to think about your allowance for inflation in salaries plus updating your forecasts from April 2014 to reflect the new Employment Allowance

Posted by Sarah Brown on 20 Mar '13 | Tags: public sector business planning social enterprise local authority tendering sme social investment charity

Creating successful charity partnerships for new funding

With the new Advice Services Transition fund being launched, even more charities will be considering how they can work in partnership. In my experience if you don't have strong strategic input in the beginning you can waste months in fruitless talks

Posted by Sarah Brown on 02 Nov '12 | Tags: charity strategic development collaboration local authority

Scary facts about teams - think football

The results of a poll of employees show that very few are clear about the vision and objectives of their organisation and their role - like only 2 football players in a team knowing which is their goal

Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Jun '12 | Tags: entrepreneur coaching charity local authority goal setting