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Every day is a school day

Learning is critical for on-going success and a fulfilled life.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 18 Jun '21 | Tags: charity entrepreneur marketing social enterprise inspiration goal setting values strategic development responsible organisation charter coaching business planning collaboration innovation tools 21st century business business success csr socent growth aspiration local authority feasibility study creative think tank corporate culture vision

A guide to how different legal structures can do good (infographic)

Interesting facts and how each legal structure can do good.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Jul '20 | Tags: charity social enterprise 21st century business

Seven issues to consider if you want to earn money as a charity

If you want to move from funding and donations to generating income then there are seven key issues and risks to consider

Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Sept '19 | Tags: charity social enterprise feasibility study

5 reasons any charity should develop partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships are the way for charities to be more successful. These five reasons show how

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 May '19 | Tags: collaboration charity social enterprise

Does the end justify the means in your organisation?

A report this month identifies that Oxfam was more concerned about what it was doing and achieving than how it achieved it and that is how its safeguarding was undermined. This is a threat to any organisation that doesn't apply its values rigorously and consistently.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 21 Jan '19 | Tags: values vision charity social enterprise

The truth about charities betraying our trust

Are we unrealistic expecting charities like Oxfam to be perfect when they are so large or is it more that they don't handle negative events well that is the problem?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 13 Feb '18 | Tags: charity social enterprise values

When a loyalty card backfires

How a simple marketing promotion can actually act as a disincentive but done well can increase custom

Posted by Sarah Brown on 03 Mar '17 | Tags: social enterprise marketing

Does the face you show as a business depend on who you meet?

Successful businesses and social enterprises are built on consistency, does the face you show as a business depend on who you meet?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 18 Mar '14 | Tags: entrepreneur social enterprise corporate personality

Starting on the journey to income generation

Moving from a culture of donations and grants to earning income can be a big step for some charities and for some it seems impossible but there are lots of different routes and you can start with small steps

Posted by Sarah Brown on 24 Feb '14 | Tags: charity social enterprise marketing local authority

How supporting your local community can increase your success at winning business

The Social Value Act is based on the principle that value is not just about price, and organisations that meet the wider needs of the community should be rewarded.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Feb '14 | Tags: entrepreneur social enterprise local authority public sector

Are you measuring your social impact effectively?

Effectively measuring social impact is critical for any charity or social enterprise that wants to prosper - are you telling a good story?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 10 Feb '14 | Tags: charity social enterprise inspiration

Are you solving the right problem?

Successful innovation i.e. innovation that has an impact depends on creating a solution to a problem that people perceive and then ensuring that they know about your solution. For organisations working with people who have a different view of the world this can be a challenge.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 Jan '14 | Tags: innovation charity social enterprise

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