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What is ESG and five reasons it matters even if you are a charity

First, let me introduce you to ESG -if you want more detail, please email sarah@inspire2aspire.co.uk to get our ebook. ESG - the details and relevance to charities and social enterprises The term ESG was officially coined in 2004 with the publication of the UN Global Compact Initiative's "Who Cares Wins” report. But for me, I only heard the phrase when my next-door neighbour said it was her job to help companies calculate it for their cars!

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jul '23 | Tags: governance social impact charity

Powerful ways to help people to understand your impact

Share how you change the world to attract more support or customers.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 16 Apr '21 | Tags: social impact changing lives

Save our volunteers! The hidden health threat of Covid 19

A plea to protect the 19 million volunteers and everything they make happen

Posted by Sarah Brown on 11 Aug '20 | Tags: charity social impact volunteering

Have you really visualised your goals to inspire people or have you just set a profit target?

A new financial year means new goals and new inspiration. Have you got them in place? Or have you just set some financial goals?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Apr '15 | Tags: social impact success responsible organisation charter

Volunteering – good for the country, good for business, good for people and good for charities

Some inspirational facts about volunteering and measuring its impact and how new ways of volunteering are developing

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Sept '14 | Tags: charity csr social impact