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Are your organisation's values working?

Five easy questions to ask to establish if your company values are working

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Jun '23 | Tags: values staff engagement

Are you asking the right questions to get you the best results?

I was reading a good article in the Times yesterday about illegal immigrants. It made me think about how you can fail because the wrong people are asking the wrong questions. It suggested that immigration shouldn't be handled by the Home Office, who generally are about law and order and stopping things.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Apr '23 | Tags: growth staff engagement strategy

Advice to businesses whose staff don’t seem to fulfil their potential

Why some businesses are frustrated with their staff and how to get the workforce of your dreams

Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Sept '16 | Tags: 21st century business staff engagement

Creating a winning team for Euro 2016

Teams can only win if they know their objectives and each person knows their role.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 09 Jun '16 | Tags: staff engagement team working goal setting

How treating staff well could solve the UK’s productivity crisis and what staff want

UK productivity is low and there is good reason to believe it is because only 27% of the UK workforce feels highly engaged at work. This blog explains the financial reasons to engage staff and gives examples of how to do it.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Jul '15 | Tags: 21st century business team working staff engagement