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Seizing Opportunities - why SWOTs don't work

The first step for many strategies is a SWOT analysis but where does it really get you? It's a roundabout, not a motorway and it attracts negative thoughts.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 23 Sept '21 | Tags: strategy strategic development tools

Every day is a school day

Learning is critical for on-going success and a fulfilled life.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 18 Jun '21 | Tags: charity entrepreneur marketing social enterprise inspiration goal setting values strategic development responsible organisation charter coaching business planning collaboration innovation tools 21st century business business success csr socent growth aspiration local authority feasibility study creative think tank corporate culture vision

The Importance of a Marketing Strategy

You need a marketing strategy or you will waste money on tactics that aren't thought through

Posted by Sarah Brown on 03 Jun '20 | Tags: tools creative think tank marketing strategic development

Use Coronavirus to be better prepared

There are three simple steps you can take to prepare for the impact of Coronavirus on your organisation

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 Feb '20 | Tags: strategic development business planning

Are you a male or female peacock in your marketing?

Do you stand out and display who you really are in your marketing or blend into the background?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 Oct '18 | Tags: marketing niche strategic development

Have you got too many ideas and options?

Choosing the right way forward can feel hard but there are some things you can do to help with the decision making

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jan '18 | Tags: coaching goal setting strategic development decision making

The six steps to successful growth

The six steps an organisation needs to take to develop a successful strategy with an infographic

Posted by Bob Brown on 21 Sept '15 | Tags: strategic development goal setting growth

Fourteen potential reasons you might attend an exhibition

Success at an exhibition like anything else requires clear objectives and strategy and then taking action.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Feb '15 | Tags: strategic development goal setting marketing

What we can learn from a simple idea

By thinking differently about problems a health care company has come up with simple but life changing ideas that are really inspirational

Posted by Sarah Brown on 10 Nov '14 | Tags: inspiration strategic development 21st century business values

Are you going to ride the wave as confidence returns to the economy?

This is the time of year when we all set resolutions, give up drinking, lose weight, change our lives. It is also the time to have at least some simple resolutions for your business or organisation. The blog includes a tool to set some really simple goals for your business and your personal life and looks in more detail at goalsetting and the strategies which will help you achieve them.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 06 Jan '14 | Tags: goal setting entrepreneur strategic development business planning

Marketing - is your mousetrap good enough?

Many times people are criticised for believing that if you build a better mousetrap people will come, when that is just not true. But the reverse is also not true ie you do need a product or service that works and adds benefits or all your marketing will be wasted

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Nov '13 | Tags: marketing entrepreneur social enterprise strategic development creative think tank

How to win friends and influence people

Stakeholder management seems to be more and more critical as society becomes more and more over communicated. Recently in very different circumstances it has become clear that many organisations have not worked out who they really need to communicate with, what they want to achieve and hence what they want to say.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 23 Sept '13 | Tags: charity social enterprise strategic development marketing

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