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How can you thrive in adverse conditions?

Two of my favourite things came together in the past week: creative strategy and gardening.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Sept '23 | Tags: strategy theory of change business planning

Are you asking the right questions to get you the best results?

I was reading a good article in the Times yesterday about illegal immigrants. It made me think about how you can fail because the wrong people are asking the wrong questions. It suggested that immigration shouldn't be handled by the Home Office, who generally are about law and order and stopping things.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Apr '23 | Tags: growth staff engagement strategy

Lessons from my holiday

I have recently had a rail holiday to Germany, which in many ways I enjoyed but, as with many of my trips abroad, also got me thinking. Here is what I found curious and thought-provoking:

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Jul '22 | Tags: travel strategy

Five reasons a coaching session might be what you need

I've been coached and have also coached many people and continue to do so. These are the five powerful reasons to have a coaching session.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 17 May '22 | Tags: coaching strategy

Why you might consider franchising and some words of caution

Franchising can be a potent operating model to grow businesses, social enterprises or charities.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 02 Dec '21 | Tags: strategy Franchising

Seizing Opportunities - why SWOTs don't work

The first step for many strategies is a SWOT analysis but where does it really get you? It's a roundabout, not a motorway and it attracts negative thoughts.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 23 Sept '21 | Tags: strategy strategic development tools

10 reasons why every charity or social enterprise needs a marketing strategy

A marketing strategy clearly explains how you as an organisation will reach your objectives. It translates your vision, mission, and goals into effective marketing initiatives that can be measured.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Apr '21 | Tags: charity socent marketing strategy

Digital Technology - demon or angel?

Is the rise of the internet a good or bad thing? Positive examples of how it is being used and how to get the most from it.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 19 Feb '21 | Tags: charity pandemic strategy

Do you want to be more successful?

It could be that your structure is holding back your growth as a charity or social enterprise. Have you thought about what impact what you are and how you operate is having on your success?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 10 Feb '21 | Tags: charity socent strategy

Strategic thinking for charities and social enterprises in the Pandemic

Three areas to consider as you develop a strategy and prepare for the risks of the new normal.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 Jul '20 | Tags: charity socent strategy

Three ideas for creating the best New Normal for you

Every organisation will need to respond to the pandemic so you might as well take the opportunity to improve what you do

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 May '20 | Tags: ideas strategy innovation pricing

A brief history of modern management thinking - a video timeline

Here is a quick video look at the last 150 years of management thinking from time and motion to triple bottom line and beyond

Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 Jun '19 | Tags: responsible organisation charter strategy

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