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Let's make sure we are part of the solution, not the problem

The UK economy is not growing, and UK tax income needs to rise enough to provide the money required to support everything we need, such as the NHS, social care, housing, education, and addressing inequality.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 30 Nov '23 | Tags: values environment charity corporate culture

Be really clear about what you offer

How a clear Theory of Change is critical for success whatever type of organisation you are

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Aug '23 | Tags: values charity socent business corporate culture

Are your organisation's values working?

Five easy questions to ask to establish if your company values are working

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Jun '23 | Tags: values staff engagement

Use your values to show you are different

Generally, people feel more comfortable dealing with people and organisations that share our view of the world, share our values; we can relax because we have common ground.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 20 Oct '22 | Tags: values niche

Five reasons this summer was memorable

It feels like it has been a long summer of ups and downs, but I also think I have learnt a lot.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 22 Sept '22 | Tags: values leadership

How culture going wrong impacts success and may cost lives

A toxic culture can be fatal and all-pervasive. Directly or indirectly, organisational culture can kill whether it is Boeing, Volkswagen, the police or an NHS maternity service.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 Apr '22 | Tags: values ethical audit

4 tips fundamental for success

Lay the foundations for success by standing out from the crowd. Here are four tips that are fundamental to success.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 25 Nov '21 | Tags: niche vision values

Every day is a school day

Learning is critical for on-going success and a fulfilled life.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 18 Jun '21 | Tags: charity entrepreneur marketing social enterprise inspiration goal setting values strategic development responsible organisation charter coaching business planning collaboration innovation tools 21st century business business success csr socent growth aspiration local authority feasibility study creative think tank corporate culture vision

Using collaboration to change the world

Why collaboration is important, tips and an inspirational example

Posted by Sarah Brown on 23 Oct '20 | Tags: collaboration success values

How to reflect your values in how you sell

Whether you sell online or face to face your pricing and sales strategy is the most visible representation of your values. Get it right and you will sell more.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Aug '20 | Tags: sales values

Three tips to help you avoid destroying your organisation as you come out of lock down

Beware that by focusing on survival you may destroy the essence of your organisation

Posted by Sarah Brown on 27 Jun '20 | Tags: corporate culture values

The relevance of the Dominic Cummings story to anyone who runs an organisation: instinct v rules

Every organisation needs a culture where its values are followed instinctively, it is not enough to rely on rules because rules do not cover every eventuality & can result in behaviour people find ‘unfair’ particularly if the values are not ranked.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 May '20 | Tags: values corporate culture

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