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Being human not corporate - the road to success

Last week, I did something for the first time: I went to a planning committee meeting. I didn’t have high expectations. I thought I would be bored and it was unclear how long I would be there so the parking cost was £10.50! So why did I go, and why am I writing about it?

Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 Oct '23 | Tags: csr ROC winning by being good

Celebrating 30 years of helping responsible organisations win by being good

In May 1991 Sarah Brown set up her consultancy to help others be more successful and now she is celebrating 30 years of her own success. Here she tells you more.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 04 May '21 | Tags: winning by being good

Which leader would you have followed - Scott or Amundsen?

Leaders today are facing life-and-death choices during the Pandemic. A century ago, Scott and Amundsen also made decisions that impacted who lived and who died and how they did it providing some useful insights for leadership today.

Posted by Sarah Brown on 22 Mar '21 | Tags: leadership winning by being good

What public bodies can do to avoid something like the Nottinghamshire child sex abuse scandal

Corporate culture is critical if the vulnerable are to be protected in cases like these

Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jul '19 | Tags: responsible organisation charter winning by being good

How a wheel became a ROC to support you in achieving your business goals

A diagnostic tool the ROC which can be a strong foundation for any organisation

Posted by Sarah Brown on 28 Feb '18 | Tags: responsible organisation charter 21st century business winning by being good