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Posted by Sarah Brown on 31 Jul '13

Team development - what we can learn from sport

As the start of the new football season approaches and the transfer season is in full swing, what will make the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful team?

Getting the top players be it in business or in sport is seen as critical yet however skilled they are individually if they don't know what the team is supposed to be achieving then it is a waste of time and money.

Stephen Covey in his book The 8th Habit has results from a poll of 23,000 employees across lots of companies and sectors which show that very few understood the organisation’s goals or how they should be involved. There are lots of stats but he uses the following powerful analogy “if say a football team had the same scores only 4 of the 11 players on the field would know which goal is theirs, only 2 of the 11 would care. Only 2 of the 11 would know what position they play and know exactly what they are supposed to do. And all but 2 players would, in some way, be competing against their own team members rather than the opponents.”

What’s the stats for your team, I hope they know which goal they should be attacking and which they are defending and that they care? We have a set of tools to work with businesses to ensure the whole team from directors to shop floor understand where the business is going and how it will get there - including the critical values of the company. Get a tool to check if everyone understands the values of your organisation.

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