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Posted by Sarah Brown on 13 Jan '11

The Collaboration Optimiser

The Collaboration Optimiser(c) can save months of wasted time on discussions that are going nowhere

As we wade all the way through the economy’s most recent predicament, lots of businesses are looking at collaborating and ‘joining forces’ to get the most out of their marketplace.

Here at inspire2aspire, we have developed a number of tools to:

  • Make managing your business easier,
  • Help with time management,
  • Plan for possible problems or issues,
  • Manage sales and profits,
  • Plan business development,
  • Organise exit strategies

And much more.

One of our tools, the Collaboration Optimizer (c) helps you decide whether your proposed business affiliation is right for you. We will take you, from beginning to end, through a series of thought-provoking ideas and questions that will enable you to highlight each partner’s strengths and weaknesses.

By using the Collaboration Optimizer we can enable budding business partners to plan an alliance based around a strategy and approach that is best for them. In fact, we have had clients tell us that it would have taken them months to come across what we have shown them in just one meeting.

By recognising the potential weaknesses or issues prior to going into a collaboration, businesses and associates can work around them – deciding the best course of action. This way it avoids problems, arguments or potentially worse, in the future.

We can help you to establish if your business relationship is a ‘one night stand’, a ‘monthly date’ or a ‘marriage made in Heaven’.

Here is an example of how we used it when our clients had already wasted seven months in talks.