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Posted by Sarah Brown on 13 Oct '14

The law of unintended consequences - fighting to save Rotherham

How protesters can threaten a town's businesses.

Unfortunately if you’re British and reading this you will know that Rotherham has recently become renowned for a very long running sex abuse scandal for which there are still many questions outstanding.
It is dreadful but it was only last week that I found out that it may result in other serious problems for the town.

For the last five years Rotherham has been fighting to revitalise its town centre and supporting new businesses to start up. Many new retailers have set up, including Patchwork Pig run by JCI Rotherham vice president Charlotte Scothern who told me about the problem at a JCI event I went to last week.

Now many of the new retailers are facing closure. WHY? It is not the big supermarkets though a new Tesco is opening soon – no it is because for 6 Saturdays and with another coming this Saturday protesters have been marching in the town centre making it a no go area. Saturday is a key day for small shop keepers and for some to be facing closure just before Christmas which should be their best time for trade is dreadful.

The protesters didn’t mean it I’m sure but they are potentially fatally wounding the future prospects of Rotherham.
If you live locally please shop in Rotherham give it a try and support it https://twitter.com/RothTownCe...

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