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Posted by Sarah Brown on 21 Dec '23

The power we all have (and a seasonal story)

As this year ends and we think about the future, I want to celebrate our power to change the world.

Last night, I was at a walking nativity

which brought together almost 100 people in a village and surrounding area with a total population of only about 200 people.

This wasn't a tradition developed over the years; it was the first time it had been held.

It all starts with one person

We met early in 2023 to discuss events that might involve the village and the church, and the vicar mentioned a walking nativity in a village where he had been a priest. We had a derelict stable and a pub(inn), and from that comment, ten months on, came the event last night from which so many people found joy and a sense of community.

It took lots of hard work, modern technology (WhatsApp), and lateral thinking(the donkey became a shetland pony).

mary and joseph

For one man who had never been in a nativity play as a child, he finally had the chance to be a shepherd.

"Thank you for letting me be part of a nativity for the first time ever, and thank you for organising such a wonderful event."

For the local pub, an opportunity to sell 69 pies and peas (mushy, of course).

And for many people, the chance to be involved, even if they only turned away Mary and Joseph, joined in the carols or wore a Christmas jumper.

The message for 2024

Seize opportunities because, together, inspiring things can happen.

You can do something that will change people's lives by being open to trying or even just by smiling.

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