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Posted by Sarah Brown on 29 May '20

Three ideas for creating the best New Normal for you

Every organisation will need to respond to the pandemic so you might as well take the opportunity to improve what you do
Until this pandemic you had a way of working that worked for you.

Now you’ve had to change or stop and wait until things get back to ‘normal’ but it probably will need to be a New Normal.

So maybe it is time to think about a radical change so you use this opportunity to create a great new normal for YOU.

Here are three ideas to help you create a new normal

1 Do research

Search the internet for your type of activity and how it is being done in countries that are more unlocked than us, like New Zealand. Collaborate like the scientists around the world sharing best practise.

2 Consider how technology can help.

Could you use your website differently or create a Facebook Messenger Bot to explain what you offer?

3 Think outside the box.

Think how to get the same end result for your customers or users in a different way.

Think about what makes you different:

What is your why? Why you are different from the rest?


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