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Posted by Sarah Brown on 26 May '23

Three reasons to feel good

As Janice Turner wrote in The Times last month, "Lockdown turned us all into disster victims", and three years on, it seems like it has just been one thing after another.

So here are three reasons to be cheerful:

1 Free artificial intelligence

It doesn't solve things or write your business or marketing plan, but it makes starting easier. I am not worried that free artificial intelligence will replace me in producing the more complex inspirational documents people who want to change the world require. While AI can make connections, I add human experience across 100 sectors, my ideas, particularly about potential collaborations, and the understanding of the bigger picture, the why. AI will provide a template of headings for someone starting from scratch to do something new. I searched for information about the North Cape in Norway, where we are off to on a cruise and instead of getting a list of advertising sites and other websites, I got a readable article on the top things to see and do. It was not enough to let me know what I wanted to do, but it allowed me to search and work out how to spend our limited time more effectively.

It is like being given a free staff member to do tedious initial research so that you can focus on the important stuff - do try it.

2 Lots of organisations are doing great things

If you want a positive perspective, I recommend Positive News. For example, this week, it has included how Vogue has featured disabled models and produced a braille edition for the first time and the vast project to address plastic pollution launched by the UN.

Closer to home, Skills Street is progressing, a world-first happening in South Yorkshire. It will allow children, teenagers, and their parents to understand the range of careers available and try them out as never before. All of my clients want to develop world firsts or improve how things are done.

Whether organisations are charities, social enterprises or businesses, they are all more aware that there is more than money to consider if they want to succeed, so more good stuff is happening.

3 The UK is a place where you can do good things

Working with ScaleUp 360, I have met many individuals who want to do good work and change the world for the better and in the UK, it is easy to get going with a business or social enterprise.

The challenges of the past few years mean that there are opportunities to do things differently to reflect the needs of today and to help people who do need help. If you have an idea and want to progress it, give me a ring, and I will talk to you about it for free. I love to encourage collaborations, and I will probably know someone who might be a helpful contact.

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