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Posted by Sarah Brown on 20 Mar '15

Using emotion to increase your sales

Emotional selling comes more naturally to many business owners.

Today is world story telling day – the most ancient of ways that the human race has communicated and shared emotions. Every communication we make operates at one of four levels the deepest of which is sharing emotions. Stories take us through all four levels.

Most start with platitudes, hello, how are you etc; then we exchange facts, I sell, I do, my name etc. The third level is beginning to exchange opinions – this is more risky as people can disagree or be put off. Hence the advice many give to avoid subjects like religion and politics. Despite this we only feel close to people once we understand them and that means knowing what they think about things. And we feel really close once we feel someone has opened up to us and shared emotions.

Good sales people create the emotional connection and for a business person who may feel unsure about selling, creating human connections through story telling and sharing emotion feels much more comfortable. To some people this comes naturally, others need more help which is why we have developed our tailored sales training course for business owners.

So here’s a short story about selling showing the importance of emotion. It’s also a story about attitude.
“Once upon a time a shoe salesman was sent to a far away land to sell shoes. When he arrived he saw that no one wore shoes so he thought that it would be a disaster – no one wears shoes! He tried to sell them by explaining that they would protect the feet and could make you look good but soon gave up and sent back to head office that a land with no shoes was a land with no opportunity. So he left.
On the next boat arrived another shoe sales person and she saw there were no shoes. She immediately contacted head office to say send shoes now there are none here and it is a great opportunity. But she realised that people wouldn’t know what to do with shoes and she needed to understand how they lived and what role shoes could play. She got to know the locals and soon realised that like most societies weddings were important so she told the story of the shoes she wore for her own wedding and how they made her feel beautiful and asked people, which of the shoes she had brought with her would make them feel most special. Luckily an important person was getting married and liked the idea of feeling special with shoes and so the first and most important sale was made. And as the saying goes, the rest was history..”

Good selling is about attitude, niche, adding value and sharing emotion – just like good story telling.

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