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Posted by Sarah Brown on 15 Nov '16

Using your values and vision to help you through difficult times

How having an inspirational vision and strong values can help when people are worried about change such as the aftermath of the Trump election

We are passionate about every organisation being clear about their values and vision and really living them not just talking about them. That's why I am writing a book Winning by Being Good

This article by Jeff Weiner, CEO of Linkedin, based on the email he sent staff after the Trump victory illustrates how knowing what you believe will help you through the tough times. I’d recommend reading it all but here are just a couple of bits.

Values that create standards

This talks about the values which should hold them together as a team

“I'm not certain what a Trump administration will mean for the country. If Brexit and this process have taught me anything, it's how unpredictable seemingly predictable outcomes have become. What I am certain about is my value system, both as an individual and member of our team. I will continue to treat others, regardless of who they voted for, in a way that's consistent with those values. I hope the same holds for everyone at our company -- that no matter what our political leanings, our race, religion, gender, creed, or country of origin, we treat each other with respect, with compassion, and above all else, we take care of one another. No election should ever change that.”

Keeping your vision relevant

He also talks inspiringly about their vision making it relevant to the current situation and I would think inspiring the staff that got the email

“We've said for years that the realization of our vision -- to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce -- has never been more important. That when people no longer have access to opportunity, when they don't feel heard, society is at risk. Whether through the growing skills gap, widening socioeconomic stratification, the increasing displacement of jobs by new technologies, or rising youth based unemployment, there are a growing number of people in the U.S., and around the world, that no longer feel as if they have a chance to make a better life for themselves and their families. It's one thing to talk about this as part of a corporate narrative; it's quite another to watch it unfold. That's where LinkedIn can make a meaningful difference.”

Are your values and vision as clear?

So the challenge to every organisation is – can you be as clear? Would your staff be certain of your support or how you will act in changing times?

If not there’s lots of evidence that you will be less successful.

Here are some articles with more information on values and vision:

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Winning by Being Good is due to be published Spring 2024.

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