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Posted by Sarah Brown on 09 Jun '20

Want a change? Should you become a charity or social enterprise?

If you are very focused on changing the world and less focused on money maybe a business is not right for you

I am being contacted every week by people who set up as a business and now feel that they really might be better as a charity or social enterprise.

Every call is different, but what is the same is that the people involved want to change the world for the better and want to make sure that they are doing it with the most effective ‘legal’ entity.

The main ingredients for success in any of the formats are the same, you need to have a product or service that adds value to peoples’ lives, you need to communicate that you offer this service or product i.e. marketing, you need to do it well and it needs to attract resources to support it, generally money but could be in-kind as well. (There are obviously other elements see the ROC© for more details).

The legal entity, charity, social enterprise, or business is just the vehicle to get you to your destination and our role is to help you decide which is the best for you so that you can have the biggest impact.

What is the best way to change the world? Charity, social enterprise or responsible business?

There are all sorts of ways to change the world so ‘best’ depends on your viewpoint. My book on Winning be being Good is designed for any type of organisation as I believe all can be good. A responsible and ethical business that employs lots of people, treating them well, and doing good can really change the world for the better. Working in lots of deprived communities I know that the absence of good jobs is the major problem that cannot be addressed by charity. People get self-worth, fulfilment and choices when they have a good job.

But some things cannot be supplied by commercial organisations and sometimes an idea needs the support which is only available to a social enterprise or charity. This might be funding but it could also be volunteers or community involvement and support such as you can attract with community shares.

The need for good charities and social enterprises is bound to grow over the coming months as we continue to recover from Covid 19. It is forecast that millions will lose their jobs and existing charities may also go under. There will be a need for new vibrant organisations.

I love talking to people about how they want to change the world and using my experience to help find the best legal structure for them so that they can use their passion and drive to get the most impact. Ring me for a free chat on 01709 810080.

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